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Post  dereklipkin on Wed Jul 13, 2011 12:36 pm

When might we see another posse cut with my favorite LA duo? I remember chatting with Andy after the 4/20/2011 show and he mentioned that UD would be down to put out a follow-up to "Shoot Your Shot," but probably on a PUTS record, as opposed to bringing PUTS onto another UD cut.

But any new developments since then? It would be great to see another on the forthcoming album.

On a similar tip, I think the posse, when assembled, needs a new name. A few ideas:

* Ugly Ducklings Under The Stairs
* Uglys Under The Stairs
* Duckpeople
* The LA County Poetical Sound Collective
* People Ugly The Stairs
* Second-Floor Fowl

Other ideas?

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