YELLo's "virtual concert"

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YELLo's "virtual concert" Empty YELLo's "virtual concert"

Post  gary barry gordon on Tue Oct 27, 2009 8:04 pm

I was going to start a thread for this, so I did.

I've been a fan of Yello for many, many years. The music they do is far & beyond their hit, "Oh Yeah," & they have a dozen or so albums, most of which are amazing, all of which are pioneering.

They were asked to do a concert by Electronic Beats. As far as I know, the only actual live concert they've ever done was in '83 or summat like that. So they did a virtual concert. Basically it's a movie of a CGI concert (not the same, but not dissimilar to Gorillaz). Anyway, I won't try to explain it further, have a looksee for yourselves. The link is the trailer, but there's also a couple of fillum clips, too. I hope they release on Bluray or at least DVD!

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YELLo's "virtual concert" Empty Re: YELLo's "virtual concert"

Post  turntablist on Tue Oct 27, 2009 8:07 pm

Awesome stuff, cheers dude Smile

As for the video that's crazy, wasn't too sure about the dude with the glasses reminds me of if I got my dad stuck some sunnies on him and asked him to rap lol!

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