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Bang! For The Buck concept Digipak

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Bang! For The Buck concept Digipak Empty Bang! For The Buck concept Digipak

Post  kamekazi_pigeon on Mon Mar 18, 2013 7:54 pm

What's up UD!

I thought you guys would like to see this concept project I executed for the "Bang! For The Buck" album a while back. I'm a big UD fan, infact the first time I visited Hollywood was to goto my first live UD show where I ended up accidentally bumping into you guys backstage whilst trying to find the entrance haha... You guys were on the bill with PUTS and Lifesavas - undoubtedly it was an awesome show. I've always had this project in my portfolio, but never thought to contact you guys to say hey check this out =] Although I now live in New Hampshire, I attended college at CSULB and grew up in Cerritos, where I have fond memories of Stacks Vinyl and all the crews that come through, including you guys!

P.S. We could use some so Cal underground acts coming through to NH, Portland, ME or Boston!



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Bang! For The Buck concept Digipak Empty Re: Bang! For The Buck concept Digipak

Post  turntablist on Tue Jun 18, 2013 7:28 am

I forgot to say, I had a look at this and loved it. Great job!

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