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Gigs... sober or not?

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Gigs... sober or not? Empty Gigs... sober or not?

Post  gary barry gordon Wed Dec 02, 2009 6:28 pm

I saw Pipez comment about being drunk at the show and it got me thinkin'. Do you prefer gigs when you're drinking (or otherwise) or straight?

For me it all depends... Some gigs I wished I was drunk, others I wished I was sober. It also depends on the company. I haven't been to many nightclub shows, mostly seated venues so I guess it's a completely different atmosphere too.

I saw Dire Straits in '91 and was somewhat hammered. The thing I didn't like was that I missed a fair bit of the concert. The thing I did like was that the band was completely stationary throughout the show, so I didn't miss any action.

Last week I went to see Ben Harper & Pearl Jam at a footy stadium. I wished I was drunk. I loved the music, but the concert had no soul. It was my first stadium gig and I think I can safely say my last (I don't consider Rod Laver Arena a stadium as it's only a tennis court, not a footy oval).
gary barry gordon
gary barry gordon

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Gigs... sober or not? Empty Re: Gigs... sober or not?

Post  Lindy Sat Jan 23, 2010 4:30 pm

I agree with you that it does make a difference who you're with, what show you're attending etc. Generally I don't prefer to be drunk at shows, but that's partly because I like to watch all the other people. I will usually have a drink or two, but I like to be able to watch out for myself. Which, unfortunately, has come in useful. I went to the UD show in Park City, UT in December and there was a guy behind me who wouldn't leave me alone. I was somewhat oblivious to this as I had my brother and a friend there and they were watching out for me as well, keeping him at bay physically. I guess he was drunk and most likely on some other things and was thankfully escorted out of the show by three dogma-esque guys who reminded me of Jay and Silent Bob. Haha it was awesome. Long story short, that's why I prefer to remain somewhat sober. Smile (p.s. I still had a great time at the show!)

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