Mixing help needed!

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Mixing help needed! Empty Mixing help needed!

Post  BiG Al on Fri Jun 12, 2009 11:29 am

Alright guys/gals….
A while ago I said that I had a weekly Friday night spot in my local playing music.
Its all MP3’s and usually just using Itunes.
I recently got hold of the latest version of Virtual DJ and have been tinkering around with it.
I have managed to beatmatch a few bits and pieces together and all in all have managed to mix about 10 tracks together.
Can anyone give me some tips on finding music that I can get started on….basically tracks that mix well together?
My 1st successful attempt at mixing 3 songs were – Africa – Fatboy Slim (ultimate lessons 4) with Body Movin – Beastie Boys (Fatboy Slim Mix) then into 3ft Deep – DJ Format and Abdominal.
I just need some practice songs and tips on how to make my mixes work!

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Mixing help needed! Empty Re: Mixing help needed!

Post  turntablist on Sun Jun 14, 2009 5:51 pm

Usually a good method for me is finding the original breaks from a sample based track and then gradually fade it into the original.

As for the virtual mixing I'm not too sure, I suppose the best method is to go through the BPM of each track and find similar BPM's using the DJ software. One piece of advice if there is a big difference make sure you don't alter the pitch on one track to match up to the other track, slow down one and speed up the other and find a suitable ground in between then at least it doesn't sound silly when you're playing one track at a crazy speed.


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