Who Are Your Top 5 Producers Ever and Now?

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Who Are Your Top 5 Producers Ever and Now?

Post  JRS_One on Fri Jun 05, 2009 2:07 pm

Following the last 2 threads, but this one has a bit of a twist. Your Top 5 ever, and then Your Top 5 newish/current producers.

Top 5 Ever:

DJ Premier - HE IS HIP HOP!! He makes wack rappers produce classics (see Group home, Jeru, etc)

RZA - Produced whole albums that flowed so well and didnt sounds like a mesh of singles thrown together, also has moved onto to score some great movie soundtracks.

Erick Sermon - Produced so many classic albums with both EPMD and Redman

DJ Muggs - Very very underrated, love so much of his work.

Young Einstein - Too dope, as you all know, been making music for a long time now.

other legends: Large P, Pete Rock, Q-Tip, Dilla, The Beatnuts, Dr Dre, , Prince Paul, Marley Marl

Newer people -

Damu The Fudgemunk - Love his stuff (check out Y-Society and his instrumental albums)

Marco Polo - Canadian Producer who harks back to the Boom Bap era but slightly updated.

Ant - Has produced so many classic albums for Atmosphere and Brother Ali. (To Be Honest I could have tried to squeeze him into the above list, just no room)

9th Wonder - Love his sh*t, a lot off people hate his drums, a lot of people think he's repetitive, personally I think he always comes correct and inspired a couple of other dope producers who kind of ran with his style (see Nicolay and Khrysis who are both as equally good)

Statik Selectah/Green Lantern - Yep, they look to be just a couple of mixtape DJ who dont produce anything and just ruin songs by dropping bombs and shouting over tracks. But No!! Dont confuse them with Funk Flex, Kay Slay, Whoo Kid, Westwood or whoever else. They actually make great mix CD's and produce a sh*t load of good songs. Statik especially has been working with some great people recently and made me think a lot more of him.

could also mention: Nicolay, Khrysis, Newman, Mr Green, Cut Chemist/Nu-Mark, Thes One, The Alchemist and so many more. I know some of them are not new, just still current.

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Re: Who Are Your Top 5 Producers Ever and Now?

Post  turntablist on Mon Jun 08, 2009 7:56 am

DJ Premier

Young Einstein


Pete Rock


Large P did come in close especially against Pete Rock, but I can name more Pete Rock tracks I like.
I was going to choose Marley Marl but when you mentioned new producers I decided to leave him an honourable mention as well. Finally Cut Chemist should be in this list but there isn't enough space! He was definitely the driving force for Jurassic 5, it's a pity he left because you can now tell the difference on the Feedback album.

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Re: Who Are Your Top 5 Producers Ever and Now?

Post  johnny bluff on Mon Jun 08, 2009 4:50 pm

Word up all....soz i havent been on for a bit..been sunnin it up in portugal,but im back now so...mmm..producers...thats a tough one....lots of dope producers out there,but i will give you my top 5 old skoolers,and top 5 now producers...

old skool...
1.paul c....utter legend..i cant say no more...
2.the bomb squad...made public enemy just the dopest of the dope.
3.marley marl...juice crew,shan,craig g...etc,etc...amazin in his day..
4.cut monitor milo(leaders of the new skool)...this guy was dope..loved his stuff..
5.ez mo bee...another dope produer back in the day...

i could go on about crews makin dope stuff,like a tribe called quest,c.r.u,jcd and the dog lb,cmw,pharcyde,pete rock..theres just so many....

new skool..
1.kno(cunninlynguists)...awsome,makin some real nice beats,
2.dj einstein...never made 1 bad tune...i have no comment on this dude.. Very Happy
3.thes one...p.u.t.s just make some amazin stuff...love the old skool flavor.
4.theory hazit...check this s..t out..its dope..
5.mr s.o.s.(cunninlynguists)..love the new album...love the style..
there is also dope stuff commin out like 1773,movemeant,jazz liberatorz,tanya morgan,the returners,iron lyon,and unagi...but at least these new heads are tryin to keep it as real as poss...

peace all...

johnny bluff...

and you cant beat that with a stickball bat....

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Re: Who Are Your Top 5 Producers Ever and Now?

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