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Clap or Boo

Post  medicineskirt on Mon May 18, 2009 10:54 pm

So I checked out some reviews of Audacity. Big mistake. All I got was piss'd. What is upp with these knuckleheads??? OK I don't have a a lot of Hip hop or Rap in my collection. Grand Master Flash, Schooly-D, Public Enemy. And then there is Ugly Duckling. I first heard them on KEXP in Seattle and I fell in love. I was like "If this is Hip Hop I want in" Much to my surprise I found a big Bore-fest. Then there are reviews by pin heads that say crapp like "the cover art on Audacity scared me to bad to really get into the disc". I have seen teenage girls down in the Catacobms of Paris giggling away and that place IS creepy so what the hell with that guy??? Another genius kept referring to track after track as feel good music like it was a bad thing. I thought feeling good was what it's all about. Sex, herb, sunny days, a glass of wine, music, music, music and many things I can't write about. My love of music is extensive and there are but a handful that I could put on repeat and never get tired of. The Doors, Gentle Giant, Frank Zappa and Ugly Duckling. Genius is rarely appreciated in it's day and I hope beyond measure that the Fearless Threesome never give up. See ya at the Loft.

I for one will keep Clapping.

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Re: Clap or Boo

Post  Pidge on Tue May 19, 2009 4:04 am

I've given up reading reviews of artists I already know I like. Everything's so subjective, it doesn't really add any value. Journalists are bad enough, but when we're talking about your average punter sharing their thoughts on Amazon it's worth even less.

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Re: Clap or Boo

Post  turntablist on Thu May 28, 2009 8:16 am

I reviewed it on another forum and they had some people mentioning the same things.

So I put this down:

"Well when I first listened to the album, I wasn't too sure. I thought to myself that some of the new features i.e Andy singing and some of the new production from Einstein (i.e The Takedown drums etc) were a bit too different from their previous stuff for me to like.


I left it a week and booked some tickets to see them again at Thekla, Bang For The Buck wasn't an immediate success for me, and took some repeated listening to get me into some of the other tracks. So I picked it back up and listened to it on the train when heading down to Bristol.
I figured that yes there are some new changes which are completely different to their previous stuff, however change doesn't always mean bad it's a new direction for them and to me it is a change that I like. Change can go wrong i.e Kanye singing but there are some redeeming features of Andy's singing and the slighty darker tracks.

After watching them live, I heard some tracks which I had skipped when listening to the lp, the intros were sometimes deceptive to me and eventually the other stuff got my attention.

The tracks which really do stand out for me are:

I Won't Let It Die.. the funky brass, is a perfect example of Einstein's top notch production
The Takedown... don't know why but I think Andy's lyrics and the drums are excellent on this
Audacity Pt2... forget part 1, part two is where the real break is, check out part 3 on
Falling Again... reminds me of Abigail silk, just due to the mood from the laidback
harp,excellent example of Andy's singing.
Einstein Do It... A showcase of Einstein's technical scratching, impressive good feeling track
this might be my favourite, but it's a close call with I Won't Let It Die.
Oh Yeah... Typical UD track reminds me off something from Journey To Anywhere.

So ramble over, give it time and I'm sure these tracks will grow on you like they did for me. "

Now I've grown on Right Now, The Lonely Ones and a few more, the only track I'm not too sure about is Pay Or Quit it's just a bit too out there.

But the album is definitely a grower when you listen to it.


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Re: Clap or Boo

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