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i love a hard copy Empty i love a hard copy

Post  pipehitterz on Tue Sep 06, 2011 7:28 am

who's a happy chappy?

[img]i love a hard copy 06092011582[/img]

18 days travelling from taiwan Smile it cost me $37 so possibly the most expencive cd i ever did buy, was it worth it????


on first listen im instantly hooked, best album since journey to, and im not even over reacting, its awesome, killer after killer after killer, every track is better than the one before, i think someone else already said it, but its like an album that sounds inspired by la revolution from taste the secret, and we all know thats one of the best UD songs already so you can imagine.

10/10 boys, i had tracks on audacity and bang that i did not like at all, but i've an instant love affair with this beauty.

thanx UD you guys rock

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Post  johnny bluff on Wed Sep 07, 2011 1:23 pm

new ud lp...is like........every best track off every ud lp,ep,12,all rolled into one album....and imagine if the tracks you loved...you never checked,which makes it more dope. its that 1st listen....i hope this makes sense...its so fresh....ud is back in the house....the lp is a slammer...stand out tracks...anythin can happen..just sends me nuttz...how it used to be..crazy..elevation...a must tour tune...crowd will go crazy...including the mighty ud mosh..lol..homecommin is just pure genius...i love all of them really...but my mood...endless summer...that is priceless to me...thanks ud...one very happy jb,thats for sure...pz..bluff...

johnny bluff

and you cant beat that with a stickball bat....

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Post  deathofhifi on Thu Sep 15, 2011 3:13 pm

Ordered my CD and Vinyl copy at the weekend Very Happy

Also last night I had a dream I went into the last remaining record shop in the world and the only thing they stocked was UD 12"s, except they were songs I couldn't recognise. I must be eating too late at night.

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i love a hard copy Empty Re: i love a hard copy

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